Guest Artist/Clinician

Available for:

                            -Guest Artist Concerts

                            -Clinics and Masterclasses

                            -Jazz Festival Adjudication

                            -Solo/Ensemble Judging

                            -Audition Judging

                            -Middle School, High School, and University

Guest Artist/Soloist Concerts

(check out video below)

            -Solo Concert Performances with your band(s)

                  -Rehearsal with your band(s) to work on

                        general and specific concepts

                  -Clinic with your jazz students (time permitting)

Topics Covered In Clinics/Masterclasses:

                -General principles of big band ensemble playing

                -Jazz improvisation

                -What is required of a professional musician

                        in today’s ever-changing music industry


                -Basics of Tone Production (brass clinics only)


Joshua Jern is first and foremost a trumpet player who understands the importance of excelling at all aspects of performance in many different musical genres.  Jern has unique insight to practical approaches to a high level of musical performance from his professional experience.  The widely varying demands of the orchestra pit, screaming lead trumpet in many big bands at Chicago’s most renowned clubs, backing up rock stars on arena stages of international tours, solo work in various jazz settings, and entertaining crowds aboard luxury cruise lines around the world- Jern distills this rich array of musical experience into practical information and advice which he delivers in his clinics and masterclasses.  And as one of Chicago’s foremost and newest big band leaders, he will work with your students to improve their big band/jazz playing through emphasizing style, ensemble playing, soloing, and working out the technical challenges unique to each instrument.

Check out this short video of Joshua Jern as Guest Soloist with the Batavia High School Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Workshop, and Jazz Combo at the Batavia All-City Jazz Festival at the Batavia Fine Arts Center: